Amanda grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta. She moved to Homer, Alaska in the summer of 2016 and found a home and community that have helped her flourish. She started painting in 2018 while taking a class with artist David Pettibone. After several years working for a local arts non-profit, she recently took on a new role in a local conservation organization. Amanda loves hiking, foraging, tidepooling, making art, reading, camping and adventuring with her partner and their dog Otto.

Tidepooling in Kachemak Bay with my dog, Otto. Photo by Daisy Ting.

Artist Statement

Making art is my opportunity to play. I like to experiment with different mediums and subjects, though primarily exhibit my landscape and nature-themed oil paintings. My artistic curiosity and the joy of discovery in my creative process parallel my feeling of wonder in the natural world. Outside I love to investigate interesting plants and animals, examining fascinating patterns and relationships that connect all Life. I feel most at home in the sanctuary of the outdoors.

I revisit these experiences of wonder and awe through painting. My desire to recreate ephemeral experiences of beauty in nature results in part from a need to be seen for who I am at those moments when I feel the most myself. Here is how I see the world, here is what I value. I existed in this moment. I have witnessed something universal.

The creative process offers both escape and heightened presence. Focusing on each step- from setting up my palette to cleaning out my brushes after a session- helps me feel more grounded. I disentangle from the constant demands on my attention in daily life. Experiencing the meditative state of flow is a relief to my busy brain. I invite viewers to take a moment to slow down and reconnect to the present as I have while painting. I hope that in my work they will recognize some of the beauty and wonder I’ve experienced. Ultimately, making art is a practice in engaging with beauty, gratitude, and joy.

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